Mix and match tile shapes and sizes for a striking look. A creative layout can add spice to a more neutral tile design. We can help you choose the right combinations to make the most impact in your home.

Tile layout patterns?

Even the standard, tried-and-true?Straight Layout?pattern has two options:

Familiar grid patterns convey a strong, solid look.

Rotate the?Straight Layout to a 45-degree?diagonal and you?ve created a diamond pattern with added interest.

Achieve two different looks with a?Pinwheel Layout:

Mix two tile sizes for a cobblestone feel that emphasizes areas, rather than straight lines.

Combine large tiles sprinkled with much smaller ones?decorative dots create a distinctive appeal.

A?Herringbone Layout?creates more movement?and utilizes new and increasingly popular rectangular tiles.

The?Brick Layout?pattern also uses rectangular tiles?an easy way to break up grout joints.

Take your Brick Layout a step further and use the?Offset Stagger layout.?Since no two grout joints line up, even the simplest tile looks more interesting.

The?Versailles Layout?incorporates four sizes of tile in a fascinating, more intricate pattern.



While the traditional square tile is still a sound choice with infinite modifications, the
industry is buzzing with ways to use new and increasingly popular rectangular (or ?subway?) tiles. Come in to see which shape works best for you.


From 2CMX2CM to 100CMX100CM there?s a tile size that is perfect for your project. The smallest designs serve as intriguing accents and the largest tiles artistically live up to their size. Think your room is too small for a 60X60CM tile? Maybe not. Is it more than two tiles wide? Let our project consultants discuss the possibilities.