Shipping & Returns

Important Information When Ordering

If you have purchased from us we value your business.

Your purchase will be in situ for many years so we would like to go through some vital checks prior to installation. Please do not begin installation until you have checked the following.

1) Have you checked your delivery before signing the delivery docket?

2) Have you received exactly what you ordered? The name, colour, size?

3) Have you received the correct quantity you ordered?

4) Are the shades and Calibres on all the boxes the same?

5) Is there anything damaged or broken? If there is, it must be reported to Project Tile Design immediately.

6) Do you know how to clean the product you purchased from us directly after installation?

7) Do you know how to regularly maintain your product?

8) Does the person installing the products for you know the exact pattern you require? Have you given clear instructions?

9) Please note that natural stone and wood have many variations. Shades, calibre and colours may differ from samples.

10) We do not accept returns after 15 days from date of invoice.

11) If your products are being delivered directly to site without you being present, you are entrusting another person to check and accept your delivery.

12) We do not accept returns on Special Order products.

13) A full list of our Terms and Conditions are available from (1) our website. (2) on the reverse side of our P.O.D. (3) request a hard copy from our office.

Please take the time to satisfy yourself with the above questions. Once products are installed or used, no claims will be entertained. If a defect is discovered during installation, work must stop immediately and we must be contacted.