The undulation of the surface of textured porcelain makes it necessary to clean the entire surface, including the low points, which necessitates some additional, practical dirt- removal procedures. Standard wet-mopping will not effectively clean these finishes. Also, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the tile to completely remove all dirty cleaning solutions.

For cleaning textured surfaces, follow these instructions:

  • Sweep or vacuum floor debris. If sweeping, use a soft-bristle broom. Sweep in two directions.
  • First, follow the direction of the tile, then sweep diagonal to the tile to ensure complete removal of all foreign material.
  • Saturate the surface with a neutral detergent cleaning solution and hot water and agitate. Allow the cleaning solutions to remain on the floor for five to ten minutes. Scrub the floor with a brush, using a two-direction method.
  • Rinse the floor with clean, clear water to completely remove any soiled cleaning solution.In high traffic areas, or areas where the surface is exposed to high-soil load, it may be necessary to scrub the floor once a day and wet-mop at intervals during the day