Natural Stone is a fantastic product as you get a unique, “wow factor” floor. However there are some factors that need to be undertaken to keep your natural stone floor at the best possible condition for the longest possible time. All natural stone tiles are porous.This means that if you were to spill something on your natural stone floor it can?stain. To prevent this, we use an easy-application impregnator sealer. This is a sealer that impregnates the stone to prevent staining. Our most popular sealer is the Water-Based Fila MP90 or the Solvent-Based Fila MP90 Eco Plus.

The anti-stain protection of Fila MP/90 allows the material to breathe and maintain its original appearance without altering the brilliance and colour of the stone.
  • Apply one coat of Fila MP/90 with a waxing fleece, a large brush or other applicator
  • Wait for at least 8 hours
  • Once the floor has dried, remove excess product with a single-disc professional cleaner with beige or yellow disc fitted.

Routine Cleaning

An Excellent product for routine cleaning is the Fila Cleaner. It is a neutral detergent that is suitable for cleaning even the most delicate of surfaces.

Fila Cleaner:

  • Delicately cleans all types of floors and surfaces.
  • Does not affect treated and delicate surfaces
  • Essential for washing natural stone floors after being laid, particularity those with polished finishes that are sensitive to strong detergents.