Marble, a natural stone

Marble is a natural stone with multiple characteristics. The pictures shown on this website are just representatives of our materials. You should consider these pictures only as a representation of the different ranges in tone and veining. This is the beauty of natural stone.

Useful advice about laying and care of our materials

A correct laying of our marble is the first step to enjoy all of its qualities. For this, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below:

  • It is recommended to place an insulating material in the concrete to avoid the appearance of humidity and salt from the substructure.
  • We advise the laying of marble with a higly flexible, large format adhesive for the best result. The tile is only as good as the adhesive you use.
  • As a natural stone, marble expands with heat and contracts with cold. We recommend including expansions joints to avoid possible damages.
  • It is essential to leave the concrete base to dry completely, and remove any salt residue appearing on the surface.
  • For cleaning and maintenance, it is always better to use clothes and dry mops with no chemical product.
  • In case of using some cleaning products, these have to be neutral and mixed with water. Do not use abrasive products in any case. The use of water and bleach must be limited to avoid damages.